Service flow of Guangdong buffet stove

2019-07-29 1357

Guangdong buffet stove self-service process 1. When the guest arrives at the door, the greeter takes the initiative to say hello. If it is a meeting or a group guest, ask the guest about the name of the meeting or group. According to the requirements, show the conference representative card or the meal ticket. Individual guests should pay first, then eat, and then lead the guest to dinner.

2. When a guest enters a restaurant and picks up his own dishes, the waiter should introduce the dishes to the guest promptly and accurately. When the guest is in doubt, the waiter should handle the dishes in time. 3. Add dishes in time, especially in the situation of more gatherings of diners, but also to ensure that add dishes in place in time, to increase or decrease the number of people to eat, according to the change in the amount of timely increase (decrease) add dishes, to avoid the formation of waste.

4. Distribution of drinks, drinks should be sent by a special person, tray inquiry guests should be in place in time, the waiter came forward to use honorific inquiry what drinks are needed, immediately provide services.

5. When a guest picks up a dish, the waiter should take the initiative to dispatch soup to assist the guest in serving the soup when needed.

6. Attention should be paid to maintaining the temperature of the food supplied and constantly checking the burning status of alcohol.

7. In the service of Ming Dynasty, when the food ordered by the guests has been made, the waiter should deliver the food accurately and promptly, and record the type and number of the guest's order in advance. 8. Receiving and patrolling services. Reception should be timely, the waiter should have accurate judgment, make sure that the guests have passed before they can take away the tableware, and do not let the guests constitute a misunderstanding. In the process of visiting the reception station, more napkins and toothpicks are added to serve the guests by lighting cigarettes and changing ashtrays. Require that in operation, the reception should be as light as possible so as not to affect the guests'dining.