Guangdong Buffet Stove Need to Develop to Integrated Innovative Service Platform

2019-07-29 1189

Guangdong cafeteria oven profession is not only a sales profession, but also a profession that should take into account the concept and service. Nowadays, it is difficult for every channel to devote enough resources to specializing in professional shopping malls. Therefore, Guangdong buffet oven career needs to establish an industry inductive innovation service channel, including product testing, functional technology training, standardization, design and development, brand incubation and other services. Through such induction and innovation, Guangdong self-service stove profession can make more middle and low-end products to create "high value-added services" products, from homogeneous competition to "industry chain coordination" complementary cooperation alliance.

In this era of Internet thinking immersed in various fields, network 4G is coming very fast, intelligent terminals are becoming popular, and online shopping is becoming more and more widespread... As a traditional profession, Guangdong's buffet stove industry is also involved in the tide of reform without exception in this new era. Although the online development of water test effect is not obvious, but the shop stainless steel buffet oven profession is in the shuffle period, can grasp the direction of development of enterprises will also be able to win the future through the choice of shopping malls.

At present, there are about 700 million mobile devices available on the Internet in China, of which 400 million are smart devices. With the advent of the era of 3G and 4G, users access the Internet anytime and anywhere from hardware and network gradually become barrier-free. In the past, it was necessary to visit neighbours'construction sites, buy materials from professional building materials stores, and exchange details of construction technology with construction teams. Now, it is possible to solve most of the problems by using only one Wechat or Hand Q. As for small and micro enterprises, Wechat is the best promotion of Western Guangdong. At the same time, the share of the construction team will gradually increase in the future decoration shopping malls.