What are the principles of Guangdong buffet stove

2019-07-29 1435

First, we must be clean and hygienic. All the equipment in the hotel must be able to resist pollution or not be polluted easily. It is better not to have a sanitary corner to prevent armour from contaminating food by rats and ants. This is the kitchen equipment must follow the principle of cleanliness and hygiene.

2. It is not easy to burn and damage. The kitchen is the place where the fire is started. The reason for the fire in hotel restaurants is that the kitchen fireproofing is not done properly. Many people in the hotel walk around. In order to minimize the risk, any objects in the kitchen should be made of non-flammable or flame-retardant materials. Flammable objects should be placed independently.

3. Be convenient and easy to handle. Hotel kitchen equipment has a lot of people walking around, so in the layout of the general cooking process to arrange, convenient and useful. And the height of the stove and the position of the cabinet can affect the use, so we should select the stove and kitchen equipment that is in line with human engineering.

4. Be beautiful. The kitchen environment can affect the working mood of employees, even the quality of food, and many hotels will have kitchen viewing activities. So choosing kitchen equipment can seek beautiful shape and color. Of course, as for beautiful equipment, we should pay attention to pollution prevention and easy cleaning.