How to Clean Guangdong Buffet Stove

2019-07-29 1128

Cleaning Guangdong Buffet Stove Method: Prepare things: a tube of toothpaste, an old toothbrush, an old stocking, an orange peel, a clean cloth

1. Squeeze toothpaste in stainless steel buffet stove dirty place, wash it repeatedly with wet toothbrush dipped in toothpaste, then wash it clean with clean water and dry it with clean cloth.

2. Scrub and polish the tap with an old stocking.

3. Then scrub the metal surface of the stainless steel buffet stove with orange peel (orange peel contains fruit acid, which can maintain the appearance of stainless steel) and clean it with a clean soft cloth. At this time, stainless steel buffet stove will be found to recover from the past light.

In other cases, how to clean: If you want to remove stainless steel buffet stove or film tape traces, you can use warm water to scrub, and then use alcohol to scrub. If there is such dirt as oil stain on the surface, it can be directly scrubbed with soft cloth and then cleaned with ammonia solution. If the stainless steel buffet stove has a rainbow pattern on the outside, it may be caused by too much oil or detergent. Clean it with warm water. If the appearance of stainless steel buffet stove is rusty, it can be cleaned with 10% nitric acid or special maintenance solution. Finally, it can be coated with similar color to achieve a 1-meter appearance, which is difficult to see.