What materials do stainless steel parts basins have?

2019-07-29 1374

The raw materials of stainless steel are distinguished according to the raw materials of stainless steel. There are two kinds of raw materials:

1.201 stainless steel, which is widely used in Hotel kitchens, restaurants, refrigerators, buffet stoves and water basins because of its price factors and easy acceptance by consumers.

2.304 stainless steel, which is EU-grade food-grade material, is mainly used in some high-end shopping malls. For example, it is exported to European countries. But now domestic shopping malls are slowly requiring stainless steel food bowls and other products directly touched with food to use stainless steel 304 raw materials. This raw material is better than 201 in rust prevention. It also conforms to EU food-grade certification. It can be certified and tested by SGS, FDA, NSF and other third-party companies. It can also be used for ultrasonic cleaning basins, glasses box cleaning boxes and other direct-touch strong acid and alkali chemicals.