The Use Method of Guangdong Buffet Stove

2019-07-29 1345

1) The buffet table should have enough space to arrange the dishes. According to the normal pace of people, each step can choose a dish, should consider the type of supply and the proportion of the number of service guests within the regular time, otherwise slow progress will form a queue of guests or sit in their seats waiting for too long.

2) The Guangdong buffet stove is placed on the buffet table in the shape of "T", "S", "V", "L", "C", "Z", "quarter circle" and "ellipse". It should be determined according to the number of buffets and the requirements of customers. In order to facilitate guests, increase the dining atmosphere and avoid crowding, an independent open balcony will be set up for some types of on-site manufacturing and specially recommended dishes. The types on the open stall should be satisfied with the customers'present work at any time.

3) The use of tablecloth can use various colorful decorative cloth, which will be more pleasant than the monotonous long table.

4) The ultimate combination of the basic shape of the buffet table, can have high and low levels, the difference is unique, can be the center of the table pad up, put some visible modelling dishes, the table can be used candlestick, flower arrangement, fruit and decorative sculpture to foil the atmosphere of the restaurant.

5) Vases should be placed in the center of table turntable. Flowers should be decorated with a single flower. Flowers should be gorgeous and non-withering.