Selection Method of Guangdong Buffet Stove

2019-07-29 916

Guangdong buffet stove is one of the most important items in the buffet dishes. While stabilizing and perfecting the existing products, it relies on its strong technical force, gains many advantages, continuously studies and innovates new products. Every year, there are many new kinds of stainless steel buffet stoves on the market, which brings difficulties to hotel procurement. Difficult, how should we choose to buy it?

First, stainless steel buffet stove style. There are many styles of stainless steel buffet stove, such as round, square, flip-over and no flip-over.

Second, the standards are different. Different standard stainless steel buffet ovens determine how much food they hold.

Third, stainless steel buffet stoves are mostly divided into three types: single plate, double plate and multi-plate. Generally, the grade is higher, one single part and two parts are in the majority, while the single part is generally round, and the two parts are square. Look at the needs of the hotel!

Types of stainless steel buffet stoves: stainless steel buffet stoves can be divided into single, double and multiple plates according to the number of buffet plates. According to the style, it can be divided into high overturned hydraulic hinge stainless steel buffet stove, full overturned stainless steel buffet stove and uncovered stainless steel buffet stove. According to the energy supply of the product, it can be divided into alcohol heater, electric heater plate heater and stainless steel buffet heater.