How to Choose and Buy Guangdong Buffet Stove

2019-07-29 1055

We all know about the buffet. However, many people may not mind the buffet table too much, but in fact, the display table of the buffet is very important. There are some details. The planning and selection of the buffet are very important. We should consider practicability, beauty and convenience comprehensively.

The first consideration is practicality.

The buffet stand is the primary vehicle to show food, so it should be practical first. On the one hand, we should consider the variety of dishes and the speed of consumption of food materials to confirm the size of the buffet stand. It is believed that in order to attract customers to the buffet, first of all, the ingredients must be rich, and the ingredients should be kept as far as possible so that the customers will not be short of food. And the position of the display platform should be conspicuous and convenient, not suitable for remote places. On the other hand, all functions of the buffet display desk should be complete, all kinds of different kinds of food materials should be placed in reasonable zones, the buffet plate should be placed in a convenient place to be taken, and part of the buffet table has the function of keeping fresh. The cold storage of some unsuitable food materials will better preserve the original quality of food. It's also the way to get customers.

Beauty is equally important:

On the premise of practicability, beauty is also very important. Satisfying the exquisite buffet table can make the diner have a sense of pleasure, make the diner eat comfortably and delightfully, so that it is easy to come again, because the present meal is not only to fill the stomach, but also a kind of enjoyment, and if the table satisfies the beauty, it will also be. The food in the studio is more delicious and attractive, which has won good reviews.

Convenience is equally important:

People are lazy and afraid of trouble, so convenience is equally important to customers. Take the height of the buffet table for example, generally in the 80-90 cm, if too high customers can not reach, especially those with children, children can not see the bottom, and customers themselves are not comfortable. If it is too low, the average customer will not be willing to bend too low, frequent bending is still very troublesome. And if it's too low, it may make customers feel unhygienic.