Repair Method of Guangdong Pot

2019-07-29 1160



Aluminum foil tape


Using Aluminum Foil Tape to Repair Leakage

Similar to the common transparent tape, aluminum foil tape has a very high stickiness, which can be used as a medium for gap connection of aluminum products and play a good role in connection. At the same time, aluminum foil tape can be deformed in order to use more environment. To resist stainless steel products, can use scissors to recommend that some of the huge size just can cover the gap, clean from inside and press well.

Welding repair

Electric welding things are more troublesome, because ordinary people do not have this thing at home, the need to repair shop may be stainless steel products factory to operate, the use of electric welding or argon arc welding, with a local seam with a welding rod, high temperature dissolution and stainless steel welding together can be.

Hammer the margin of the gap after heating

At high temperatures, stainless steel can also be deformed. At this time, jacks can be used to hold the cracks in the stainless steel basin, and then hammers can be used to hit hard. The stainless steel around the crevice is deformed, and the crevice can be filled by gradual coincidence.

Stick several layers of fresh-keeping film on it

If the stainless steel plate is not heated at ordinary times, there is a very simple way to use fresh-keeping film in the stainless steel basin can be wrapped in several layers, so that the fresh-keeping film can be tightly adhered to the stainless steel basin, water loading is certainly no problem.

Use of stainless steel repair agent to repair leaks

This thing is professional, not very easy to buy, but the effect is better. Similar to the principle that two magnets attract each other, this supplement is divided into two layers, one is outside, and the other is sticking to the same one facing each other, which is very convenient.

Matters needing attention

If it is not the stainless steel basin with special requirements, it is suggested to replace it instead of having to take so much trouble to repair it.