How to Clean the Pots in Guangdong

2019-07-29 758

Stainless steel baths are easy to use, useful and beautiful in appearance. But cleaning is really a big problem, especially for baths with high brightness. After many citizens clean, stainless steel baths are cleaned, but the gloss is not at all. Here is the correct way to clean stainless steel baths:

Scrubbing with a rag dipped with baking soda and a small amount of hot water mixture can reduce stains and do less harm to stainless steel basins.

Some people worry that baking soda will damage the stainless steel plate, in fact, the PH value of baking soda solution is below 8.5, weak alkaline. Its particles are soft crystals, hardness is similar to human nails or gold, after wetting with water, the edges and corners of crystals can be dissolved, so as a friction agent, not only can remove the dirt on the surface of appliances, but also can not be made. The damage of ingredient plate is more mild than that of toothpaste and salt.