What are the layout requirements for kitchen equipment?

2019-07-29 1197

(1) Layout according to process flow

Choose equipment according to the actual demand of D_and arrange equipment according to the sequence of process flow to ensure smooth operation flow. Planning needs to consider personnel movement,'operation action, logistics order, in accordance with the operation process pipeline operation, reduce ineffective labor, so that the logistics is ripe and clean. For example, as soon as the rough processing room enters the door, there should be a shelf and freezer. When raw materials enter the workshop, there should be a storage location. Secondly, there should be a working table, a washing tank, a garbage truck, and a shelf and a transport vehicle in the clean vegetable storage area.

(2) Reasonable equipment orientation

The same kind of equipment and related equipment should be reasonably matched and set together as far as possible to facilitate harmony and cooperation and rational use. If the equipment for smoke exhaust is set together, it is convenient for smoke exhaust gathering and smoke exhaust; the same kind of stoves should be arranged together according to the type, such as fried stoves, soup stoves, stew stoves, so as to facilitate the harmonious cooperation with the cutting process.

(3) Humanized Planning

Considering the convenience of personnel, the reasonable location of relevant equipment to ensure operational efficiency, such as stove and condiment table; cutting table (pier platform) and pool, cupboard, shelf and other equipment should be cross-set fresh-keeping table and door-pulling table, reasonable collocation, easy to use. Fig. 5-5 is a cutting table in a big hotel, which uses the fresh-keeping table, simple table, pool and table stand together. The knife worker can wash, refrigerate and keep fresh without leaving his position. It is convenient to take and place. The space of the table is expanded by the cooperation of the area of the table and the stand, and the operation is convenient.

(4) Equipment that needs to be kept at intervals

Some equipment needs staggered layout, pulling away the fixed distance quotient. Cooling and heating equipment, dry and wet equipment should be separated, raw and cooked equipment should be separated; the equipment that needs to open the door should be left open space; refrigeration equipment such as freezer and fresh-keeping table should not be set close to the side of the stove; and the pool should not be close to the face to avoid damp and mildew.